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Welcome to First Reliance REIT

(Real Estate Investment Trust)

First Reliance REIT is a real estate investment trust based in Toronto, Canada. We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of REITs and to browse our site to help gain an understanding and familiarize yourself with First Reliance REIT. Units of First Reliance REIT are distributed by offering memorandum to qualified investors. The units may be purchased directly through First Reliance or through participating investment dealers. Please contact us for more information about investing in First Reliance REIT.
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Invest in Canadian Assets

The mandate of First Reliance REIT is to invest in Canadian real estate. The intention is to focus on the Canadian residential sector-apartments, although the mandate allows First Reliance to hold other types of real estate if advantageous.

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Access to Real Estate

Through REIT units, investors can now participate in real estate investments that were unavailable to them in the past. The purchase of units allows for the benefits of ownership, without the significant management that would normally be required.
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Managment is Key

First Reliance REIT benefits from strong management who are committed to excellence. The Trustees of First Reliance have over 100 years of combined experience in real estate and financial services. This experience includes areas such as real estate management, acquisition, accounting, construction, investment, and more.

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First Reliance REIT

First Reliance REIT is a Canadian real estate investment trust based in Toronto, Canada that makes it easier for you to participate within the Canadian real estate market without the burden of property management.

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